Matthew McConaughey And Camilla Alves Talk About Parenting

Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves teamed up with the San Fransico 49’ers to co-host the “Just Keep Livin’ the PLAY 60 Way” event.  The event was aimed to teach kids and teens about healthy living and staying active by leading them through guided group workouts, nutritional discussions, and football and fitness drills.

We have a family now, got two kids (son Levi, 2, and daughter Vida, 9 months) one of the things that we’ve learned is that we’ve reminded [ourselves and] our kids to be thankful for all the things that we have, because a lot of these kids don’t have the opportunity. One: a solid mother-father relationship in the house. Two: Our kids don’t have to worry about eating or college tuition.”

Camilla added:

“Things like that that we have, we’re very thankful for, and we give those kids what they don’t have, a little bit of a place that they can get a little taste enough and like it enough where they want to continue their lives to go into a positive route.”

Matthew shared that Vida has reached a milestone:

“[Vida] is walking, so we’re busy — not much time for us to daydream, because if you look up at the sky for about 10 seconds they’re a half-mile down the road,” he laughs.

Photos by FAME


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