Katherine Heigl Admits She's A Control Freak As A Parent

At a press conference for her new film “Life as We Know It“, Katherine Heigl was asked about her diaper changing skills and she confessed to being a bit of a control freak about it:

I am very particular with these sorts of things. I want everyone — like my husband [Josh Kelley] and the nanny — to do it exactly the way I do it. Using just the right diaper cream because I swear that’s what helps her, and the right kind of wipes and diapers — so I prefer to do it myself.

“It’s very apparent that I’m kind of a control freak. So it’s better if I do it myself!”

She may like things a particular way, but she does use her mother’s advice on child rearing.  She shared one tip that has really helped keep Naleigh asleep:

We use a big standing fan. We put it on high wattage to drown out everything,” she explains. “Her bedroom is right over the kitchen and living room area so you can really hear us down there when we are up watching TV. My mother taught me that. She said she used to leave a vacuum running in the baby’s room and it really works. There’s something about white noise. I’m a big believer in it.”

Katherine and Josh enjoyed a bit of a date night out last night when the couple attended the movie’s premiere.  They make a great couple, don’t they?  LOVE her dress!

Photos by FAME

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