Bananas Rumor: Rachel Zoe is Pregnant

Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe is three months pregnant with her first child, sources reveal exclusively to OK!. Seems they are super happy, to the point that Rachel even wells up a bit when speaking about it. I wonder how she’ll react when she starts, hopefully, packing on some pounds…this may be the only way. Hope it’s true, since she’s 39 and apparently have been thinking about it for a while. Wishing a healthy and happy time!

A source tells OK!,

“Rachel never really told anyone close to her that she and her husband Roger were trying for a baby, and because of her ultra-skinny figure and habits as a workaholic it was the last thing on anyone’s mind. Rachel even requests that clients don’t bring their children to fittings at her studio, so there’s never been any real clue that this is something she was longing for, a source adds. “But now that she’s pregnant, she’s telling people that this is something that she and Roger have wanted for many years and she’s finally at a level of success where she can afford to take some time off.”

Photos by FAME

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