Michael Jackson A 'Pied Piper' To Kids

Music producer Mark Ronson enjoyed sleeping over the King of Pop’s home when he was growing up, and was amazed at the way kids would be magically drawn to Michael Jackson. He said:

“All kids love Michael Jackson, he had some sort of effect. I would watch footage of him when I was older and you’d see these kids of 12 and 13 who weren’t even born the last time he put out a good album but they’d be screaming and fainting.

“It’s just so crazy that in some ways he was like this magical Pied Piper.”

Mark added to ShortList magazine:

“He was just like a big kid. He just seemed like a kid that never really got to grow up.”

Mark enjoyed the sleepovers with infamous John Lennon’s son, Sean Lennon.  He explained:

“If I bragged about it I knew that one of two things would happen: a) the kids would think that I was full of s**t or b) they would think I was obnoxious and I’d get a slap for it. All in all, it was better to say nothing.”

Do you find this a bit creepy, how Michael would seem to have a magical lure on kids?  Would you have let your child(ren) sleepover the infamous Neverland Ranch?

Photo by FAME


  1. sandra says

    Definitely yes !!!!! Michael was a man with the soul of a child … also creative, humane and with much love to give …

  2. Michelle says

    Jeez, even in death you people can’t let him rest in peace! Think for a moment how many tens of thousands of kids he had over; why would only 2 get messed with? Having no childhood himself, and an actual “creep” for a father, it’s obvious why he did what he did; but so many people get off on demonizing people to make themselves feel superior. The MJesque guy who “big brothers” my son gets alot of flak too, but he’s been nothing but a blessing and boon to my son’s life.

  3. Wow says

    Being child-like and having a playful nature doesn’t make someone creepy. Anyone should consider themselves lucky if they got to go to Neverland. It rivaled all the other theme parks, especially since admission was free.

    Michael must have made so many terminally-ill kids happy, giving them a chance to forget about their sickness and enjoy however many days were left of their life. & giving adults an excuse to be a kid again.

    That man has a heart of gold.

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