Tiffani Thiessen Gets By With A Little Help From Her Mom

Since giving birth to her daughter, Harper Renn, Tiffani Thiessen says that she couldn’t do work and take care of her daughter without the the help of her mom. Tiffani is lucky enough to have a mom that was willing to move in to help her:

“She’s living with us here in New York, I wouldn’t be able to do it without her.”

Hmmm…while it’s great to have help, I’m not so sure I’d want someone moving in with me in order to do it.  I guess it’d depend on the situation – and the relative!  😉

Tiffani shared a little bit about her almost-four-month-old:

“She loves the park, she loves the Hudson, she loves it all, she just likes the activity. I think she likes the movement.”

“She’s flipping over and she’s scooting already which is freaking me out!”

Tiffani wraps up her TV series “White Collar” this week, which shoots in NYC, and she can head back to sunny L.A.  See how fast little Harper is growing!

Photo by FAME

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