Ginnifer Goodwin Will Trade In Her Closet For A Family

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin has made plans to start a family after she reduces her wardrobe.

Dating actor Joey Kern for a little over a year, Ginnifer wants to become a mother, but before she does there’s one thing that she has to get rid of first – her clothes! She said:

“When I moved into my house, I thought the closet was laughable and now I’ve filled it. When I have kids, that room as to become a bedroom.

“I want three or five children, but I need a bigger house or a smaller closet. I’m 32, so I’m already thinking about that. If it happened right now, I would absolutely have a baby.

“The only issue I have with ageing is nothing to do with my career, it’s that I want to have a lot of kids before I’m physically unable to do so.”

Photos by FAME


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