Miranda Kerr Will Give Birth In The Land Down Under

Beautiful Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr is planning on having her baby with actor Orlando Bloom in her homeland, Australia.

Before deciding on the final birth place of her first child, Kerr considered other countries first.

“It was to be in the UK, then the US but both Miranda and Orlando have settled on Australia,” a source said.

“They both love it there and of course Miranda’s family will be on hand although Orlando is thinking of chartering a flight from the UK to make sure the whole family is there for the big arrival.”

And Kerr is keeping up her healthy eating habits during her pregnancy, even developing a serious craving for Vegemite.

“She had a case load shipped over to her,” said a source close to the US-based star.

“Miranda has always had a thing for Vegemite but the pregnancy has got her hell bent on getting it. And no alternative will do. It has to be proper Aussie Vegemite.”

Photo by FAME


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