Aretha Franklin Defends Her Son

Aretha Franklin defended her badly beaten son Eddie Franklin after reports claimed Eddie refused to cooperate with police regarding the attack at the gas station – insisting his injuries prevented him from giving a statement.

Eddie was hospitalized and underwent emergency surgery after an alleged attack in Detroit, Michigan on Monday night (9/20).  Reports claim Eddie discharged himself from the medical facility before cops arrived to talk about the incident.

On the behalf of her son, Aretha stepped forward explaining that her son’s jaw was wired shut – therefore, her son wouldn’t be able to talk to police right away.  She also criticized cops for talking to the media and giving “the impression that my son was not being cooperative”.  Franklin says,

“After observing my son on Tuesday, it was clear that he was unable to communicate with anyone after such a traumatic attack and with his jaw wired. The officer probably would not have been able to give a statement if he had been attacked by three men the very next day, either, and it was totally unreasonable to expect Eddie to do so as if he were not being cooperative.”

Photo by FAME


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