Nice…Lily Allen LIKES Looking Pregnant

Lily Allen, the British singer is expecting her first child with Sam Cooper this winter. Happily, she’s not only accepting all the changes she’s experiencing, but she’s really loving and embracing them!

“I’m enjoying procreating,” Allen, 25, tells The Mirror. “I’m not missing smoking, drinking and going out. It’s made me realize a lot about some people I used to hang out with.”

This new mom not only loves the new her, she’s not exactly psyched about some of the ways she acted in the past.

“I still have to be around some of them when they’re drunk and I’m like, ‘Is that what we’re like?’ Being sober has opened my eyes a lot,” she reveals.

She’s even loving her new, more buxom, body.

“My boobs are incredible. I’m a 34D now. I’ve never had that size before,” she laughs. “I’m actually really excited now I actually look pregnant. My body’s changing all the time and I’ve got to just embrace it.”

But, I guess we have to get in on the Lily action while we can. Once a mommy, she may go into a self-imposed hibernation of sorts, I guess allowing her and the baby to truly adjust to their new lives, out of the media spotlight. Makes a lot of sense to me.

“I won’t be one of those celebrities that pop a baby out and four weeks later I’m back to normal,” she states. “I’ll disappear into my country house … and be hidden from view for as long as I can.”

Seems like pregnancy is really agreeing with the singer. She seems happy and very well adjusted to the new ways of life. Can’t be a bad thing.

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