Molly Ringwald Wants To Share Her Movies With Her Children

80’s star Molly Ringwald is hoping that her kids will watch her movie classics like The Breakfast Club.

The actress has three children – Mathilda Ereni (6 1/2) and twins Adele Georgiana and Roman Stylianos (14 months old) – and can’t wait to share the movies that made her famous.

“I want them to come to it organically,” Ringwald told People magazine.

“I have a fantasy of watching it with Mathilda. But in reality, it probably would be better if she just went to a slumber party and watched it with her friends, you know, like every other kid.”

Mathilda probably will have a chance to watch the movie far sooner than her younger siblings, who are “walking and running around,” according to Molly.  “They’re sort of babbling to each other. They’re adorable.”

“Matilda is a really awesome big sister. And we just got a puppy, as if life wasn’t complicated enough.”

I wonder what her children will think of the movie?

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