Michael Douglas Isn't Hiding Cancer From His Kids

Michael Douglas says that he isn’t trying to shield his youngest children, Dylan, 10, and Carys, 7, from his illness.  The actor was diagnosed this summer with stage four throat cancer.  He said this about his decision to keep the kids “in the know” about his diagnosis:

I don’t know what else you would do. It is what it is,”

Michael joked that the kids are enjoying his inability to talk too much:

They’re happy I can’t talk that much. Sometimes you say, ‘Daddy’s tired.’ Okay, great,”

He has even taken them along to his radiation treatments so they can see what’s going on:

“The kids, yeah, they’ve been fine. I’ve taken them down to the hospital and shown them the whole radiology thing. They’ve watched me actually get zapped.”

All kidding aside, we wish Michael a full and speedy treatment and recovery.

FYI: the picture above of Michael’s youngest kids are from back in 2005.  😉

Photos by FAME


  1. Richard Choffe says

    I pray all who know Michael’s cinematic giftls will also gift
    him with every power & prayer to fully recover his health
    as it were our blessing.

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