Jennifer Garner And Seraphina Go For A Walk

Jennifer Garner and her youngest daughter, Seraphina, were spotted taking a quick walk around their Brentwood neighborhood this morning.  Seraphina is starting to look more like her big sister Violet, isn’t she?

Jennifer looks so comfy, like she’s in her pajamas!  And I’m loving how Seraphina’s little yellow shoes match her sweatshirt.  She is stylin’.  😉

Rumor has it that Jennifer is in talks to star opposite Jeremy Renner in a thrilled called “Better Living Through Chemistry“.

“…a bored pharmacist getting sick of his loveless marriage only to have an affair with another married woman who puts some kick into his life as she has a penchant for prescription drugs.  All’s going well until they decide they watch to stay together and instead of getting divorces like normal human beings, hatch a plot to kill Garner’s husband instead.”

Photos by FAME


  1. Jem says

    Ruby, It’s called being a normal person. I actually applaud her for going out like this and not feeling the need to dress up in high heels and fancy dresses just because she’s a celebrity and can afford to, she just doesn’t want to. I would much rather see a celebrity parent walking around like this than in fake tan, done up hair, caked in makeup wearing heels and skimpy outfits. Leave her alone for god’s sake.

  2. RubyJackson says

    She always dresses like such a slob! Can’t she wear anything cute? Don’t be surprised when her hubby wanders…

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