Bonding with Tori and Dean

Actress Tori Spelling’s hubbie, Dean McDermott, told In Touch Weekly that he and Tori paint each others nails.  Um, alright, that’s cool. Qualioty time. He goes on to gush:

“I call it ‘Male Polish.’ I mean we started doing each other’s nails and I love it, I’m wearing blue right now on my toes! I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do it!”

Is “Male Polish” like “Bromance” and “Metrosexual?”  Duh do do, duh do doo…Where have all the cowboys gone??

Even the little ones in the house, Liam (3 yrs.) and Stella (2 yrs.), get in on the spa-like mani/pedi fun!

“Whenever we can, they come get manicures and pedicures with us and they love it! Liam has blue and red on his toes like Spider-Man this week and green on his fingernails like The Hulk.”

My daughter LOVES mani/pedis, I have to say..but I think my son would pop a vein in his head if he had to sit still for this procedure. I do love this couple and love the fact that they seem to really take family time seriously. More power to ’em! Whatever floats your boat.

Photos by FAME

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