The Sixth Element?

Actress Milla Jovovich gushes to PARADE about the acting prowess of her 2 1/2 year old daughter Ever Gabo.

“She’s constantly going, ‘Okay, you be Ever and I’m momma,’ and we have to improvise a scene together with her playing me.”

“You should see her singing, ‘Over the Rainbow,’” she shares. “She has a voice that’s horrific, but the emotion is just so real.”

“Now, I’m filming The Musketeers and she’s having a great time because I got her all these super-cheap princess dresses, like the bigger the better, the more cheesy, rhinestone-y, sequined stuff, and she loves it,” the proud mama laughs.

Ever is her only child, with husband Paul W.S. Anderson.

Photos by FAME

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