Jessica Alba's Daughter Is Opinionated, While Mom Is 'Wild & Free'

Jessica Alba’s two-year old daughter, Honor Marie, is young and not afraid to speak her mind.

“She’s walking and talking, she has lots of opinions,” she said. “She talks about everything she wants and needs. She said she wants coffee in the morning.

“So I give her water in a coffee cup, she likes to have big girl cups and she likes big boy T-shirts and princess dresses. I didn’t even teach her that stuff.

“I’m very strict with her. When it’s time for her to eat, whether she’s hollering or whatever, it’s time to eat. She gets a time out if she cries for no reason. So then she stops because she doesn’t want a time out.

“Sometimes she asks me to go to time out. If she does something bad she’ll say, ‘Honor time out?’ and I’ll say, ‘Yeah, you’re getting a time out.’“

Jessica may be strict with the youngster, but she isn’t strict with herself.  Mommy Alba admits to partying when her daughter’s asleep.

“I think I’m a little more wild and free since I had her because once she’s in bed, all my mom friends, we get together and have dance parties at the house,” she said.

“It’s really dorky but I probably would have never done that before.”

Photos by FAME


  1. Kim says

    She puts her “baby” in timeout for crying for no reason? Babies cry. This will send her a message that crying is wrong. Throwing a fit is one thing, crying is another. She obviously needs something or she’s frustrated.

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