Nadya Suleman Going On Welfare has an exclusive report on Nadya Suleman’s (a.k.a. Octo-Mom) financial situation.

Trying to support her fourteen children, Suleman hoped for a TV deal that would land the family a successful reality show – but that hope died after the deal fell through leaving Suleman in financial despair. According to

“Nadya is running out of money very quickly,” a source close to the infamous mom told “She’s still hoping to pull off a deal that will pay her a fortune but at this point it just doesn’t seem possible.”

Since Suleman has faded from the media spotlight, it seems networks aren’t interested – and a potential deal with the Game Show Network also fell through.

“She was hoping for merchandizing deals, but those never came through,” the source said. “And she’s written a book but no publisher wants it.”

Unfortunately, as much as Suleman is trying to support her family, it’s her family that’s ruining her. Suleman can’t even keep up with basic financial needs of supporting fourteen children, including paying her mortgage. Apparently, the title to Suleman’s house was transferred to a company owned by her lawyer, Jeff Czech.

“Nadya has nannies and huge expenses raising 14 children,” the source said. “She needs a lot of money just to keep up with the basics. And now the income has dried up and she didn’t make enough in the past year and a half to live off of it.

“That money is gone and now she’s facing desperate times.

“Nadya will never come out publicly and say she’s going on welfare but everyone close to her and familiar with her situation knows that it’s going to happen very, very soon. She needs the money. She has no choice at this point.

“And she’s been on public assistance before.”

Suleman has talked about going back to school for her Master’s degree to work in the counseling field, but so far it hasn’t happened – and the sad reality is, sources say, even if she did follow through with it, it wouldn’t earn her enough to cover her enormous expenses.

“Nadya’s parents have done a lot to help her despite their difficult relationship,” the source added.

“But they aren’t rich and they’re struggling too. Her father bought the house but he can’t support her.

“She’s going on welfare and it’s going to be very soon.

“There’s just no choice. She’s running out of money and those kids need to eat.”

I really feel bad for her children.

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  1. Mersera says

    Christine, I couldnt agree with you more. We are in hte same boat, therefore, I can can say is GOD BLESS!

  2. Christine says

    If you had asked me about this in July 2008, I would have said what I think I did say-undeserving, fame-seeking terrible person. I guess I could say that now too but truth is my own financial life has changed so much that I can’t even muster the judgement to feel mad and I know that every way she did this was in all reality misguided. But our family has hurt financially like we never imagined, to the point of putting all options on the table and man, I can’t imagine being there with 14, let alone just 3 as I have. It is terrifying. For all of us, I wish this economy would turn, it is tough just being an “ordinary” mom in it.

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