Katherine Heigl Talks About Motherhood In Her New Movie Role

In Katherine Heigl’s latest movie, “Life As We Know It“, she plays a woman whose best friends are killed, leaving behind their baby girl.  In the story, Katherine and Josh Duhamel’s characters are left the task of raising the little girl, even though they are completely inexperienced with kids.  When Katherine started filming the movie, she had just adopted her daughter, Naleigh, and could completely relate to what the character was going through:

“I was literally experiencing new motherhood on film as I was experiencing it in my own life.”

Josh says that even though he doesn’t have kids yet, he chose this script because it was funny.

“The script to me was special in a lot of ways, I mean, it was very funny.”

Have you watched the trailer yet?  You can check it out here.  It looks like a great comedy, but with some serious undertones.  It’s due out on October 8th.

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