Kelis Says It's 'Awesome' Being A Single Parent

Kelis is not trying to play the sympathy card with her divorce from ex-husband Nas. The former married couple have a 13-month-old son Knight together – and Kelis seems to be all about being a single mom. She said:

“It’s hard being a working single mother, but on the flipside, it’s awesome too. You only have to worry about yourself. It’s only your influence and your ideas.”

But Knight will have a bit of daddy Nas’ influence since Kelis is not refusing to have the rapper involved in Knight’s life. She told The Guardian newspaper:

“That’s not to say there’s not room for someone else to be involved, but at the moment I’m raising Knight how I think he should be raised. He’s a great baby.”

Photos by FAME


  1. Christine says

    Because after all, it is all about you. It is all about your ex. The child is just living in it.

    Ask all the women doing it alone on nothing how wonderful it is to bust it just to make rent. To have daycare making all the choices because you have to work and can’t raise your kids with just “your influence and your ideas”. It isn’t her being a single mom that is pathetic, it is her self focused sense from A to Z.

    I guess it’s like having a really nice purse. Your influence and your ideas.

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