Elizabeth Hurley Going Blonde For Son

Caring mom Elizabeth Hurley may be showing off blonde locks of hair to answer her son’s question, why God didn’t give her yellow hair.

The brunette beauty’s eight-year-old son, Damian, had a peculiar question on his mind. She wrote on her twitter account on Wednesday (15.09.10):

“My son just asked me why God didn’t give me yellow hair. I may run to my colourist so when he gets back from school I can say God performed a miracle.”

If Hurley goes through with it, it would be great material for Damian to use later in life.  Damian has expressed deep interest in the entertainment business.

“He’s written his first screenplay called ‘Escape!’ and many pop songs which he performs on the dining room table, singing into a hairspray can.

“He spends hours trying to persuade me to do movies again so I can take him out of school to be tutored in my trailer. Needless to say, this is not going to happen.”

Photos by FAME

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