Super Natural Stepmom, Megan Fox

Stepmom Megan Fox is a natural when it comes to parenting.

The Transformer actress, who is married to Brian Austin Green, takes care of her husband’s son Kassius time-to-time, showing her motherly nature.

“She is absolutely my better half in parenting,” Brian said. “She just gets it. It’s instinctual for her. She loves my son, Kassius. And from the time we started dating — you know, she was 18 — she stepped in and took control. It’s unbelievable.”

Brian had Kassius with former girlfriend Vanessa Marcil.

As for Megan and Brian, the couple seems to be a perfect match.

“When we met, I had just separated from Kassius’ mom and a relationship was the last thing on my mind,” he said. “It’s not something I ever thought would be serious. But she brought out parts of me that I had lost in my last relationship. Megan was a big part of boosting my confidence. And at the same time, I was somebody responsible and grounded for her to be around. We just matched.”

Photos by FAME


  1. Nicky says

    Gbaby, I’m pretty sure that Megan actually can’t have kids. I’m fairly sure about it, but not 100% positive.

  2. Tia says

    She has nice eyelashes but I have to agree she is not all that in my book either!
    Kim Kardashian is what a real super natural beauty is all about, in my opinion;0)

  3. Lisa says

    Shes a pretty cute girl and all…but i dont think there is anything so special about her that makes her to be the hottest thing on this planet lol. Like whats all the fuss about…i dont really see it, sorry! She looks a bit old.

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