Celebrity Baby Names of the Day

I think this one might take the cake, even in the interesting world of celeb baby names. As you could somewhat imagine, the unique name comes from a pretty well know, somewhat ironical (I like saying it that way, don’t correct me please) comedian…

Penn & Emily Jillette

  • Moxie Crimefighter Jillette

Let’s break down what Moxie is, shall we?  Some people might not be sure.

Moxie is a carbonated beverage that was one of the first mass-produced soft drinks in the United States. It continues to be regionally popular today. It is the main ingredient in the New Englander cocktail.

Moxie has a unique flavor that is not as sweet as that of most modern soft drinks and that is described by some as “bitter.”



–noun Slang

1. vigor; verve; pep.

2. courage and aggressiveness; nerve.

3. skill; know-how.

1925–30, Americanism ;  after Moxie,  a trademark (name of a softdrink)

Mix that with the whole Crimefighter thing, and you have some high expectations about your superhero-like offspring.  Not sure if anyone can live up to this hype.  I wonder what the baby will be for Halloween…

Penn Jillette photo by FAME

Moxie photo courtesy of dictionary.com

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