Dannii Minogue To Have A 'Rugby Team' Of Babies

After having her first child, Australian beauty Dannii Minogue is a new mother to two-year-old Ethan with model Kris Smith.   Little did she know that Ethan may not be the her only child – apparently Kris is hoping for a “rugby team” of babies.  She explained:

“I don’t know whether Ethan will get any siblings but I think Kris is quite keen. He wants a rugby team!

It’s a sure good thing she loved being pregnant.

“When I was pregnant, it was the most calm I’ve ever been. It’s just beautiful; you’re just in love with your body and everything going on because it’s your little baby inside.”

But Dannii realizes that it’s a “big learning curve” having a child, let alone children.  Ethan was the first newborn she’s seen.   She added to the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper:

“I have never, ever babysat because when I left Australia was the time all my friends here were having kids, so I just haven’t been exposed to it. A friend of mine was laughing when I had Ethan because I said, ‘This is the first newborn that I have seen,’ so it’s been a big learning curve.”

Photos by FAME


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    Exclamation marks, especially as many as you put usually signify anger or makes it seem like you’re snapping. Just how I read it.

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