Ashlee in NYC with Bronx

Ashlee Simpson spends some quality one on one time with son Bronx Wentz. They were meeting up with big sis and Auntie Jess at a restaurantNY restaurant in NYC.

What happened to Ashlee Simpson?  I guess she’s taking time to enjoy her family, so it’s not all bad.  I have to admit, though it’s not like admitting to liking Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer (both quite popular for a while if I recall), I really loved the first song she came out with. Wow…she really looks good now, nice work with the plastic.

Why not…Fall Out Boy’s Beat It, Dance Dance, Sugar, We’re Going Down

Photos by FAME


  1. parker says

    Well said Niloo, leave the poor woman alone hasn’t she been through enough.

    Her kids always look happy and healthy and Britney seems to have a good family support network around her, im sure if anything like this was going on her mother and father wouldnt let it happen

  2. Niloo says

    It won’t let me to post on Britney thread so I give my idea here:
    I don’t buy her ex bodygaurd’s story about sexual “harassment” and child abuse for a second. However, I do think Brit should be able to do whatever makes her happy, why not? When she gives us great moments with her fab songs, so why shoudn’t she be able to have her own moments?
    Her life is on track now I don’t know why people wanna break her down again. Britney IS DOING FINE, leave her in peace.

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