Oliver Hudson Teaches Son Well

I guess Oliver Hudson and I are very similar…we seem to struggle with the same issue.  How do you moderate your kid’s level of “spoilage?”  Kids today, at least the ones I come across (especially the ones running around my house) seem to have SO MUCH stuff.  So many toys.  So many books.  So many clothes.  So many play dates and other assorted entertainment events.  Don’t get me wrong, we want our kids to have the best, and not “deprive” them.  At the same time, we don’t want them to be spoiled rotten b-r-a-t-s (ooooh, baby word) either.  Gotta love what Oliver Hudson, the star of Rules of Engagement had his son, Wilder Brooks, do after his third birthday. He told People:

“Wilder got massive amounts of presents at his party — I wanted him to understand that this isn’t normal. There are a lot of kids without any toys so we’re going to [go through] your old toys. You can choose the ones you want to keep and we’ll give the others to children with no toys.’ It was great because he got it. He was totally fine with it.”

Oliver went on to talk about the intricacies of a sibling relationship, something we have to work on all the time as well.  Our kids are generally great, actually, be often enough…all hell breaks loose.  The balancing act can be tough.  He goes on to say:

However, giving time with mom and dad away to 5-month-old brother Bodhi Hawn has proven to be more challenging for the tot.

“We came home from the hospital [with brother Bodhi Hawn] and [Wilder] was amazing — kissing him and dancing for him.” After two months he got jealous, but he loves him.”

Seems that his relationship with cousin Ryder, Kate Hudson’s 6-year-old son, has helped him adjust.

“Ryder and Wilder are good friends.” Wilder will follow him around and do what he does. They have a good two-three hours of playing and then it turns into a little bit of rivalry.”

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  1. Leeska says

    The picture on the home page is definitely not Oliver Hudson, but these ones with Goldie Hawn are.


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