Cruising wit da Holmesies

Here’s TomKat with their children Connor, Isabella, and Suri leaving their New York City home.   Love how mom and dad are all NYC-chic in black and grey, but Suri is pastel and loving it. I know people like to say that this is not a real marriage, but they’ve been together a long time and seem pretty happy.  Who knows?  Can’t be any better or worse than the average marriage, no?

Photos by FAME


  1. Amerie says

    katie needs to put that big ass girl down and let her walk.She is not a baby anymore the girl is almost 5..jeez either have another baby or accept the fact that Suri is growing up

  2. kay says

    I still believe they will split someday.Wait and see.
    Nic was happily married to this guy and still loved him when he filled for divorce.
    B.T.W what is happening to Isabella? she has become so overweight.

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