Brooke Shields Talks About Kids On The Late Show With Craig Ferguson

Brooke Shields adorably cursed on ‘The Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ while talking about being in the play Leap of Faith, which segued into how her seven-year-old learned bad words from her mother  (5:00 minute mark).

She then continued to talk about how her children fight a lot telling a story of how both children take a shower together, and one time her little one came running down hysterically crying, “she peed on me!”

It may be a crazy household, but her little ones are sad that their working momma rehearses for so long.    And what goes on in rehearsal and the play, Brooke’s youngest questions, asking  if there will be kissing in the play and how their dad may not like it.  Watch below (7:20 mark):

Photos by FAME


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