Jennifer Lopez Tries To Live A Private Life

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are trying their hardest to keep their twins out of the public eye.  The singer, actress, and possible new “American Idol” judge shared how they try to keep things “normal” for Max and Emme (2).

I take my kids outside and we do things, but I’m careful about where I take them. Marc and I want our work to be the focus of what we do.

“We understand some of our private life comes into that, but it’s better when that’s not the whole thing.”

I’m guessing if she takes the position on American Idol, the media frenzy that surrounds her is only going to get worse.

Jennifer also shared that she doesn’t believe that moms truly ever get “me time”:

“I don’t really believe mothers have time for themselves.

“It’s always on your mind, even when you are trying to relax and get away – it’s just one of the absolute facts of being a mother.”

So true, JLo, so true!

Photos by Fame


  1. loren says

    Emme is adorable, very pretty little girl both (Emme and Max) are cute The site looks good , keep it up, people will come and post. This is a nice site and you have good pictures

  2. shar says

    Emme is cute…I have seen some unfattering pictures of the twins…but she looks precious here.
    And ‘NoPlease”? You are nasty.

  3. Niloo says

    Hey Cindy, what’s up?
    I totally agree with your comment, the people who always raised objections about this site were excatly those guys who actually never post and we haven’t ever seen their names! Yes, people just like to b*tch!

  4. Elida says

    I agree she is adorable. I know momy’s do not get me time but is a blessing, she is so cute saying her mind is always on her family. Jennifer has truly become a better person since her kids came along. We love you girl!! Good luck with American Idol!!!

  5. Cindy says

    Omg, little Emme is adorable!!!
    PS. Funny how since this site has improved no one comments anymore. I guess people just like to b*tch.

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