Jen Hudson and Fam Getting Windy

Jennifer Hudson is making a move back to her hometown of Chicago to make what she thinks is a better life for her family.  The singer/actress is about to be married to David Otunga, the father of her 1-year-old son David Daniel Jr. The family currently lives in sunny Florida, but the draw of deep dish and the Cubs must be too great! It’s nice that she wants to be near home and family in a place not exactly a celeb hot spot. It’s good to see.  Seems like her priorities are in order.

“With the baby growing up, we want him to be around our family,” the new mom, 28, tells Michigan Avenue. “We feel so secluded. Both David and I are the babies of the family, and we want to be home with our families as well.”

Hudson goes on to gush about her bouncing baby boy.

“I’ve got the sweetest little baby in the world. He just got two new teeth, so he smiles with them now,” she reveals. “He pokes them out there, like, ‘Look at my teeth.’”

By the way, she looks good.  She says she’s between a 6 and an 8 and feeling great.  The secret…Weight Watchers.  This is THE BEST diet I can think of.  You eat real food, your own food, and learn HOW and HOW MUCH to eat.  This can really help with shedding all that baby weight.

Photos by FAME


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