Emilia Fox's Motherhood Fears Over Miscarriage

Pregnant actress Emilia Fox feared she’d never be a mother after miscarrying her first child.

The British star lost her unborn baby in 2007 and later admitted she we nt through therapy in a bid to overcome the tragedy.  And at the time of the ordeal, Fox was worried the implications of her miscarriage would mean she would never have the chance to raise her own children.  She tells Britain’s You magazine,

“Of course at the time all your fears are, ‘My goodness, does that mean motherhood is not going to happen to me?’ It’s a painful process that had a psychological effect on me and which I dealt with much later, because at first I only dealt with it by getting on with my work.

“Miscarriages are a lot more common than I had realised and it helped me greatly talking to friends who had had miscarriages and discovering how many people I knew who had been through that. I feel very fortunate and privileged that you do get the chance of having a child again.”

Fox is due to give birth later this year (10).

Photos by FAME


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