Christina Aguilera And Son Max Out And About

Christina Aguilera grabbed dinner with her family in Venice last night.  Little Max (2) is getting so big already!

Christina recently shared that marriage hasn’t changed her relationship with husband Jordan Bratman, even though the couple has been together since 2002 and have been married for five years:

“Marriage unites you and makes you official, but it didn’t change our relationship. All the things like wanting to work hard and play hard — they were always important to us,” she tells the October issue of Cosmopolitan UK. “We’ve been married for five years now, and I think the secret is in always keeping it interesting. You have to make time for yourselves.”

Would you say your relationship changed after marriage? To some degree?

Photos by FAME


  1. *~Boo~* says

    I don’t think Marriage will change you as a couple unless you let it!! Live life the way you did before tying the knot and everything will continue to be smooth sailing!!
    Don’t nit pick or nag about the little things, enjoy each other, make decisions together, laugh together and you will make it through anything:)

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