Alicia Keys Has Baby Mama Drama

Uh-oh! Baby momma drama between Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz’s ex-wife, Mashonda.

Mashonda covers the new October issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine and has some not-so-nice things to say about her messy divorce with Swizz, how they slept together while he was dating Alicia, and how the nerve Alicia has to have her child, Kasseem Jr., call her ‘Mommy’. Yikes!

S2S: You said that Alicia wanted your baby to call her “mommy”. How do you know that she said that?

Mashonda: My son told me.

S2S: And you told her that is not going to happen?

Mashonda: Yeah. I sent her an email and asked her to please respect what I am to him and it’s not right for her to think that is okay. She never replied. She doesn’t reply to me. She has never given me that respect.

S2S: What does Swizz say?

Mashonda: He said okay, he would stop it. He wouldn’t let her do it.

S2S: That would be kind of confusing for the child.

Mashonda: Oh, it is. It is so unfair to the child. I have been in contact with the little girls mother (the woman in England who has Swizz’s baby). She’s a young girl. She’s a spiritual girl. She apologized to me… I don’t even judge her. I can’t. She’s totally different than the other one. This other one knew. Alicia knew about me 100 percent. Swizz introduced me at prior events. They were signed to the same record company. She knew. And I emailed her and asked her to stop doing what she was doing and she disregarded me. Just like she disregarded me when I asked her to not have my son thinking it was okay to call her “umi.” You’re not his umi. You just met my son.

S2S: “Umi” is like “mommy”?

Mashonda: “Umi” means “mommy” in Arabic. I’m like no. And then after I spoke to the lady in London, she told me that she tried to get her daughter to call her “umi” as well.

S2S: She’s met the lady in London?

Mashonda: Yes. I’m glad she’s having her own child now because now she will have someone to call her “umi”.

S2S: Wow.

Mashonda: Like, if you want to be a stepmother, that’s great. Be a stepmother. But don’t think that it’s okay to make a kid call you “umi” or “mommy.”

And the reasoning for her to talk about this after moving on?

Mashonda: People ask me why am I still talking about this and why don’t I just leave it alone. I’m like, this is going to help somebody. My story is a universal thing. This is not just something that only happened to me: This happens to women every day. Mine was just ugly. If I can help the next woman get through and be positive, then I’m going to talk about it.

S2S: Were you guys dating other people before he got with Alicia? Were you guys separated?

Mashonda: We were married. Sleeping in the same bed and having sex every night while he was seeing Alicia. Okay? It was an affair. 100 percent. I don’t know why people want to change that rule so much. We had just had a kid, for crying out loud. Our child was 8 months. I found out about Alicia two days before my son turned 1. They had been doing their thing for months before that.

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  1. To God Be The Glory says

    At no time is it ever good for adults to use children to stir up mess. I am now remarried and have step children also. I have never asked or demanded them to call me mom. However, after a few months of being married to my new husband, my step kids started calling me momma on their own. One of them even told me that he called me momma to his biological mom and she told him not to call me that, He told me he doesn’t see what the big deal is anyway because I treat him like a son and he sees me as another mother. To make a long story short, he said he didn’t care what his mom said, he would call me momma anyway. I just feel that if the new wife treats your children like thier own, what’s wrong with the kids calling her momma? If your child will be around this person often, you should be glad that she treats them well. Besides, as your children grow, they will make their own decision about the matter anyway and they will not mistreat someone who is good to them because you are bitter. Grow up! Children know who their biological parents are! If they have other people in their life who are mother or father figures, they may just call them the way they feel.

    • jessica says

      I was in a similar situation and .I too got upset when my son called her his step mom I too asked his father not to allow it.. but then I spoke to my mom and she told he knows your his mom he loves you ..and if she has earned his respect enough to call her stepmom than she must love him and care for him. Which is better than hearing she hit him or somthing like that.but its also a lil jealousy..

  2. To God Be The Glory says

    WOW! I’m glad that we have a GOD. I mean really! This is why people’s personal information should be kept personal. But since opinions are out there, here is mine. Mashonda should have never married a man she already knew was a cheater. Regardless of whether she was head over heals in love or not, he was a cheater and when you knowingly marry a cheater, you knowingly accept the consequences of his actions. You practically set yourself up for heartache so you can only blame yourself. Alicia really should have been smarter than to get involved with the same cheating man because if he will cheat with you, he will cheat on you. She will one day learn this lesson when his infatuation with her wears off. And finally, it doesn’t matter how many degrees a person has because doctors, lawyers, and scientists disagree everyday about things and most of them had the same education. The truth is that you should not seek advice from unsaved people. GOD is the true advisor and unless you are saved and full of his spirit, your credentials mean nothing because on judgement day, you too shall fall if you have not gratuated into GOD’s glory. All of these people should seek God more than ever right now and no piece of paper with acronyms representing worldly credentials can match his power. It’s great if you have gone to school, been educated and received a degree, I have. Just realize that it does not mean that everything you say is true for everybody. Textbooks are limited and look at things mostly as a one for all. People deal with and react to certain situations differently. One person may be truly losing it while another is just truly venting. No one really know what is going on but GOD. My exhusband turned out to be a cheater also. I did not know this in the beginning because there was no indication. I learned later in the marriage and I to stayed for a while hoping it would get better. I soon learned it wouldn’t and did what I needed to do, divorce him and move on although it was not easy. I tried to blame the women at first but when you really learn better you see the truth. The truth is that my ex-husband promised to be true to me, not the other women. I could only be mad at him for cheating on me and myself for putting up with it for so long instead of leaving him sooner. A man will only change if he wants to, not because you want him to. Love yourself more than you love him ladies and quit blaming other people for his actions and your acceptance of his actions. If it wasn’t Alicia Keys it would have been some other woman because that’s who he is, a womanizer. It’s not Alicia’s fault that she fell for him, Mashonda fell for him too. Alicia will learn a lesson just as she has. This world is round. Let God do his work and nature take its course. Peace!

  3. Miss Bell says

    People are making such a big deal out of this. A Keys is not the 1st nor the last woman to do what she has done. This is a sad situation but Mashonda does need to let this go, she needs to heal for herself and most importantly her son. Mr. Dean was more in the wrong than Alicia because HE was married to Mashanda NOT Alicia and plus he cheated many other damn times before. Get a life people! Geesh I still like Alicia Keys has an artist who are we to judge, NOT one of you know the real truth because you were NOT in their home or involved in their lives. DUH!

  4. Sylvia says

    @Msk hope you see the latest picture of them getting off their helicopter ride yesterday, kooks magnificant to me. Happiness is radiance, they were enjoying themselves and living their lives. Have a wonderful evening and I truly hope I am wrong about your girl. Really I do.

  5. foolishness says

    I don’t think Mashonda realizes how foolsih she looks by saying some of the things she has said in this interview. Like, she knew he was sleeping with AK and then coming home to her. Why didn’t she do something about it or say something about it then? If it was even true. Was she so busy with her own little affairs that she didn’t care? Sorry, but she shouldn’t have waited until he decided to leave to care. It’s a little too late then.

  6. carmen says

    I don’t know how Mashonda thinks she can help anyone by spreading rumors. I know she can’t help anyone by speaking about personal problems on these web sites. If and when she writes her book, I don’t know why anyone would buy it. She has contradicted herself so many times already. I think all women want their children to want to be with them and personally I believe she’s afraid he will enjoy being with his dad more. If she keeps on the way she is going she is only going to drive him away. He is just a child. She needs to find something more entertaining to do than try to cause problems for everyone.

  7. misskyahese says

    Sylvia, Alicia would not be in the new at all if she had made a better choice for herself. She had options.

  8. misskyahese says

    Niloo You are so funny. That was great. We are not the same people. I will post a picture later. You must be as bored as we are boring because you are reading and participating in this. Now for my dear friend Sylvia. Alica will have to sail the nile again when swiss dissappoints her. She looked terrible the other day. Think about she has poor taste in men married man with several children.

  9. Sylvia says

    @missy 2 totally different women. Alicia would not be in puiblic spreading her business and seeking a pity party. Don’t see it happening. Have a good Day. @ Nilo I had time to burn today because I was sitting in a room overseeing my students as they tested for their certifications. Sorry to bore you.

    Ps; alicia talked about her breakdown after the fact she went overseas to get herself together she had just lost her grandmother and dealt with her dad coming back in her life and not being able to say no to ecveryone that was pulling her in different direction,she recognized her breaking point and stepped away from it all to heal. Big difference. Glad you think I am funny.

  10. Sylvia says

    @missy 2 totally different women. Alicia would not be in puiblic spreading her business and seeking a pity party. Don’t see it happening. Have a good Day. @ Nilo I had time to burn today because I was sitting in a room overseeing my students as they tested for their certifications. Sorry to bore you.

  11. Niloo says

    I don’t know why I have the feeling that Sylvia and Missykyahese are the same person! Hope I’m wrong though. Or even if you’re not, so you were so bored out of your minds to come here and debate about boring stuff! But due to facing the lack of comments here, you guys better GO ON! 🙂

  12. missykyahese says

    Sylvia You need to be there for AK when he does the same to her. Remember Britney spears.

  13. missykyahese says

    Gisle I agree with you !00%. I dont think she is really sad about this I feel she is using it in her best interest. Bottom line make tht money her story sells. Trust eveyone thought I was sad about my ex. Hell the new wife did me a favor. He is just like Swiss. Player and kids everywhere.

  14. missykyahese says

    Sylvia you are so funny to me. You know as well as I do that we all have a little of every ill behavior in all of us. I feel Keys and Swiss need help too. There behavior is strange.
    We all can benefit from a personal psychiatrist. Keys had a nervous break down 2 years ago and she talks about how fame almost killed her and how lonely she was. It appears to me that her relationship with a married made wasn’t made in a sound mind. She needs help too. She has a hx of depression.

  15. Another Brazilian girl disgusted by Gisele says

    Alicia keys was amazing.. I mean, she does have a great voice… But now I can’t really see her face with the lyrics that she used to sing.
    When u like an artist, admire them for their work and somehow for their personality too… U start looking for clothes he wears and have the hair he sports… It’s like that…
    But now Alicia’s situation is so…
    Of course u can’t choose love and how it happens. And nobody owns anyone.
    What I’m sorry about is that Alicia too is a fool in this story. And as a woman she should have handled this better…. As someone public…
    Not even Angelina jolie getting between brad and Jen was this bad (in my view)… Considering that we knew Jen, brad and jolie very well.. It still to my eyes wasn’t that bad…
    Maybe cause they didn’t have children…. Maybe cause I wasn’t surprised Angelina wouldn’t care about getting between a married couple…
    Mashonda should throw a party! Divorcing this man was the best thing after her child birth… He doesn’t deserve her and he doesn’t deserve Alicia… He appears to me like the new Kevin Federline.. I hope Alicia don’t lose it when she catches herself!

  16. Sylvia says

    @Missy-Good for you, keep supporting her, I hope that you will be supportive of her family and her child when she harms herself our someone else. I too have a degree in psych and a PHD in counseling Psychology and I am telling you, this is not normal behavior, I don’t know how much of this you have followed?but if you read the vibe article, the interview in reference to his kids, the sister to sister article and her tweets, there is a consistant degree of psychosis, its one thing to vent, it is another thing tobe hell bent on getting respect from someone thatrefuses to give it to you or even acknowledge you. I pray that the people that are supporting this downward spiral will stand up for her family and friends when she one is saying don’t write a book, that would get your story out all at once but clearly that is not the goal here, but to each his own. My first post was a plea for her to get help and that continues to be my plea.

  17. missykyahese says

    Niloo Baby I do have a life. I am also passionate about what I believe in. I have always had alot to say. Sylvia Alica is not the only artist that I have stop supporting because I was disappointed. I stop support Witney Houston because I do not want to add to her drug problem. I have a degree in psychology and a degree in nursing. For seveal yrs I worked in a pych institute. I believe Mashonda responses are normal, She has adjusted well to her situation and now she is telling her story and getting paid for it. Alot of people write books or article and share with others about the disappointments as well as the suceess in their life. Alicia’s entire albums is about her affair with a married man and how she was blind and sleeping with a broken heart. put it in a love song. wait until they see me smile ets. and swiss put in in asong about their love affair. So why cant Mashonda put it in a book. When it comes out I will buy copies for me and my family members. I will continue to support her 100%.

  18. Niloo says

    Sylvia and Missy – Get a life! Your debate’s gettin’ too long and is just a waste of time.

    Swiss Beatz not only cheated on his wife with Alicia but on both with that singer!
    And btw, that actually is “Om” which means mother in Arabic. “Omi” means “my mom”.

  19. Sylvia says

    @Missy thats fine that is your perrogative. I chose not to judge her based on 1/3 of a story and I do not believe that one incident takes away from everything that someone has done iin their lives if that was the case I would not listen to any artist. I am against drugs, Alchohol,Cursing,abuse,etc) if I were to judge all of these artist on their personal lives my entertainment would be very limited. I suppor $Alicia as an artist and as a philanthropist and the genuine concern and compassion that I have seenfrom her for those little kids at her orpahnage, most stars go and get a photo op but she goes and stays and works and when you take a broken child racked with AIDS and you holkd them close to your body and stroke their little head, that is genuine compassion and that is what I have seenfrom her over and over again and I will not let this incident remove that pictiur from my mind. Imagine if we were all judged based on the worst or most embarrassing thing that we did or occured in our lives and all of the good that we have done was overlooked all of us would be a mess. God does not judge us that way. A murderer a, prostitute, a rapist can gain compassiuon and salvation so who are we to judge. Itss not jus Alicia I treat everyone in my life the same. I express my dissappointment with the situation and I move on but I do not abandon them. I pray for them and try to help in the best way I can. I work with broken people everyday and I understand the power of forgiveness and moving on.

  20. missykyahese says

    Sylvia, I was a big fan of AK because ot her music and image that she projected. I am more disappointed with her than anyone. I use to buy all of her music and I went to her concent on for my B-day 2 years ago. I am done with supporting her.

  21. Sylvia says

    @Missy-I have read the article in the magazine that is what I am referring too. I don’t have a problem with lifting her up biut she also needs to lift herself up God help those who help themselves and if she continues down this poath that she is going she is going to drive herself insane. Stoo talking about them and get yourself straight, we agree on some things but not most and that’s fine. My call was for people to ask her to seek help before she hurts herself or someone else. I am a mental health practitioner and the signs are all there. I promise you my request is in her best interest and I chose not to judge Ms Keys because we only have 1/3 of the story.

  22. missykyahese says

    Sylvia, I just purchased a sister sister magazine with Mashonda on it. The article is more in debth and what we are reading on the internet is bits and pieces. Read the entire article and I believe it is more inspiring and educating to all women. We has women need to know more about our family finances. We need to have somthint of our own. Get your education and work on your careere before asissting him. He can leave you with a mess. He left her in a terrible situation because he was chasing another women. My uncle is a very wise man. My new husband and I had 30,000 dollars in the bank in two years. I am a nurse and he was workin in a factory and trucking. My uncle said he doesn’t keep alot a women around. Mashonda’ s husband was taking care of his business until he starting chasing after keys a very expensive women to catch. It is his business. I don’ t care but that is where he was putting his money. Meanwhile at the ranch his wife and children were suffering. Seriously , Mashonda did nothing wrong but trusted the man she married 100%. No man is perfect. It was ok for her to forgive his past ways. But Alicia could have kept walking. I live in the ATL I get approache by married men all the time. I make a conscious effoct to keep moving. I do not want to interfere with anyone’ marriage. Trust me what goes around comes around. Please give our sister Mashonda time to heal a broken heart is nothing to play with. Lets lift her up and show her some love.

  23. Sylvia says

    1 more thing in regards to young women it would be more effective if she came out and spoke to young ladies about respecting themselves and not settling, not allowing a man to treat you like you are disposable or to standby and let him disrespect you. If she would take responsibility for her part in this and say to them that this man showed me who he was before I married him and I thought so less of myself that I still married him after he disrespected me in thworst possible way by inpregnating someone else while he was with me and while I was pregnant. That would help young ladies if she would stand up and say oi also made bad choices. I thought I could change a man and this is the outcome. PERIOD

  24. Sylvia says

    Missy I agree with you on one thing they will grow up and make their own opinions and that is what needs to happen, my mom did the same thing she never said 1 negative word about my Dad or his wifeand that is all I am saying what she is doing is not productuve for the child or for herself especially with all the technology these days where kids can easily find information. Umi is mother or mother figure, but the kids don’t know that, they don’t know what Umi means, but it is the way that she said it in the interview, she told them to call her mommy, no she did not those were her words. I don’t get how normal rational intelligent people don’t get this. You are not helping this lady, you are steering her down a very dangerous road, the articles, the tweets the snide remarls, the hostility. It is going to kill her I am serious. I am not being smart here I am dead serious, she needs to seek professional help.

  25. missykyahese says

    Sylvia eveybody that I checked with understood umi to mean mother. I have some family members who are mustims. Okay and for the record. Trust this when I tell you that Mashonda child will grow up and see her dad and Alicia keys for who they really are. I never said one mean or nasty thing to my children about their father. But they are 17 and 14 now . My ex has children by 3 other women and all his children are dissappointed with him as adult. They feel their daddy was never in their house hold and he is spreaded to thin. Trust me when I say I never had to say a word. As a matter of fact, his ex-wife asked me to raise her children. She doesn’t trush him at all and he was cheating on me with her . We divorced and they were married for 10 years. I moved on and it was a blessing to me that she married him. I believe Mashonda has moved on but she needs to tell her story so other young girls will learn and not make the same mistakes. I was fresh out of college and married my husband I was young like Mashonda. I Our soc iety has lost respect for marriage and family. This is the reason why we have so many baby daddy’s out of the household. Check the stats sylvia this reckless behavior does nothing for our community or children. Keep talking Mashonda.

  26. Heather says

    Why is it that she must discuss these issue with AK only? I am sure her and Swizz’s first son’s mother didn’t always see eye to eye. Oh and she don’t have any issues with the little girls mother why she is all the way in London? I agree with Sylvia she does remind me of “Betty Broderick” some of you need to watch that movie. She probably asked about his visit and he said daddy and umi blah blah blah, and she was like who is umi? Then the third degree followed as well as looking up the word “umi”. She seemed to sit by and allowed what ever that was going on happen until he wanted to actually leave the marriage, that is when she started having issues with everything. Basically she is saying every night he was coming home to me, so what ever he do in them streets leave it there and don’t let the sun beat ya home. Well it bit her in the butt, and she is angery and well with in her right but move on and stop dwelling on stuff.

  27. Peaceplease says

    Ok., so first Mashonda says Alicia wants the child to call her Mommy. I don’t believe that. Then later in the interview she says AK wants the child to call her UMI. Umi can mean mother or grandmother in Arabic. It means servant in Africa. I think Mashonda just wants to make something out of nothing. True, Ak maybe should have checked with all parties involved before ASKING the child to call her that, .but evidently she for some reason didn’t. I personally don’t think it was done intentionally. This could have been settled I’m sure through whatever method they have worked out to discuss the children. No need to try to get all this publicity and try to make someone look bad. Think of your child. There will be much bigger issues.

  28. Sylvia says

    @Missyk people like you are the problem, you should have read the entire article before you did your little oll. First of all if you read the article you would see that Alicia did not ask them to call her mommy, based on what Mashonda herself said, she asked them to call her Umi, which Mashonda said is mommy in arabic but it is not it me*ns mother figure, so she is the one that decided that it meant mommy knowing that would cause drama to add to that Swizz beatz daugter is 2 and a half and at what point did Alicia spend time with her to tell her this? When just two weeks ago she was claiming that he doesn’t see the daugher(which is ita?)What e year old do you know goes home from a visit and says ms. Alicia told me to call her umi? I mean really? You folks take everything that this lady says as the gospel, there are many, many holes in her many stories and the anomosity and the relentless back and foth is a sign that she is on the edge, but she has not taken any responsibility for any of this!! The fact that she married a man who showed her exactly who he was before she married him and yet she did it and now she acts as if she is a victim. She is a mental case and you are not helping her by encouraging her down this road.

  29. Lisa says

    This is so SAD! I liked Alicia until this ‘ish”, what was she thinking? There are just somethings you just dont do.

  30. Anita says

    Mashonda needs to find something else to do to take up her time. Get interested in yourself. Leave them alone. We all know you’re just after the publicity. Please think of your child. He will hear all this one day. You think you’re hurting her and you probably have but look what you’re doing to your child. Is it worth it? The name thing is nothing, there will be bigger issues. Don’t sweat the small stuff. That could have been handled easily, if it really even happened. Don’t worry about what he calls her, he will still know who his real Mom is. You should appreciate the fact she is trying to come up with something to make it easier for the kids. So maybe she should have mentioned it some way, whatever way you have set up to discuss things. But this was nothing to gab about.

  31. missykyahese says

    Sylvia I think you are psychotic You need to read other responses to this before you open your mouth. I did a pole at work and with my family and my childrens’ friends. I asked them how would you feel if a new step mom asked you or told your child to call your mommy. I did not tell them who I was talking about. 100% agreed that the step mom was way out of line. Mashonda has a right to be angry and upset. Don’t mix the two situations up. It is one thing to sleep with someones husband and be the mistress and now turned new wife. It is a totally different situation when it comes to a person child. I does confused the child and she is way out of line 100%. I’m glad Mashonda put her on blast. Keys feel she can do anything because of her fortune and fame. She holds her mother dear and I know she feels on one can take the place of her mom. Mashonda is a damn good mother and she has been more than polite and respectful

  32. Sylvia says

    Mashonda is on the brink of a psychotic break, she is very inconsistent in her actions and the things that she has said. I understand that these are gossip blogs but this is no joking matter. Mashonda displays signs of a woman on the verge of a complete breakdown, she is displaying signs of being delusional, obsessive and manic. At this point in her healing process she should have accepted the situation and trying to find a pieceful space but she is still at apoint where she is trying to figure out what went wrong, she probably obsesses over this several times daily, she accepts absolutely no responsibility for the marraige ending or for getting into the marraige in the first place and she has zoned in on one individuals although it is clear that others were involved, she is probably obsessing when the child is wit them, does he like her more? Are they talking about me? What are they doing?, she has a lot of pent up hostility and one of the main triggers is AK refusal to get in the mud with her. Notice she said she does not respond to me, she has never given me that respect, she craves acknowledment and respect from AK and it is pushing her over the edge that she is not getting it, this is very serious. If you are a fan of hers or simply care, please reach out to her and ask her to seek help, to seek therapy. It is notgood to encourage this behavior or to cheer her on in this, she is on a slippery slope. If you think for one minute that this is a joke just look up Betty Broderick!!!

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