Kendra Wilkinson Doesn't Want To Try For Baby #2 Until She's A Size 2

Kendra Wilkinson isn’t ready for another baby just yet.  She shared that before she thinks about adding to her family she wants to give herself some time to get into shape :

“I’m trying to get my body back into six-pack shape right now. I just want to get back into shape and do me,”

She does hope to start working another baby (with husband Hank Baskett) sometime next year, though.

We’re thinking next summer for sure. We are definitely planning because we’re having so much fun with little baby Hank. We want to give all the love to him and not take any of that away from him yet.”

“We want to make sure we are ready for [another baby] and not be in over our heads,”  “Give Hank what he needs first and then focus on number two.”

Sounds like they have it all figured out.

Photos by FAME


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