Kate Hudson And Chris Robinson Come Together For Ryder

Even though Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson have moved on since their divorce, the former couple work as a team for the sake of their son, Ryder (6).

“I still feel close to him. When you’re divorced and raising a child together, the communication has to stay alive,”

“Chris has moved on, he’s remarried and had a baby and when you both have new people in your life, you have to really stay on it,” she explains. “I think Chris and I both have that priority checked.”

These two seem to have a deep respect for each other despite their split.  Unfortunately it’s often rare for parents to get along so great after a divorce.   Ryder is a lucky boy.

Photos by FAME


  1. M says

    I dont know why that still makes me feel so sad. I remember when Kate married chris, she seemed so happy with ‘apple pie making’ and taking a year out of filming to act ‘as the wife.’ I would find it to see my ex married with a child- how can you errase all those feelings?

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