Celine Dion Doing Well

The pregnant songstress is doing well, despite rumors from a French tabloid claiming she was rushed to the hospital as a result of pregnancy complications.  Celine’s “people” cleared the air with people.com (is that why they called the magazine that?).

“She’s never been in the hospital – her pregnancy continues to be healthy and she feels fantastic.”

Celine, 42, has gained a yummy 33 pounds and credits a regimen of acupuncture and poutine (ok, not the poutine) for the good times.  Celine is married to Rene Angelil and has a son, Rene-Charles, who is now 9.  The couple are expecting a set of twins!

Photos by FAME


  1. Jem says

    WM there’s a lovely natural picture of her, rene and rene-charles together at their home (I would say what website it is on but not sure if i’m allowed to advertise lol) Can you post that picture when you find it?

    Glad all is well with Celine can’t wait for her boys to arrive 🙂

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