Real NJ Housewife Theresa Talks About New Life

For Teresa Giudice, it was like living a nightmare. After ten years as the big-spending wife of a successful real estate developer, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star was being told by a lawyer that she and her husband, Joe, were $11 million in debt — and needed to file for bankruptcy as soon as possible. “I was humiliated,” she tells <a href=”WWW.INTOUCHWEEKLY.COM“>In Touch</a> in an exclusive interview.

These days, though, Joe has taken control of the finances, doing all the grocery shopping and imposing a limit on Teresa’s credit cards.  While the girls used to always have brand new clothes, they now wear each other’s hand-me-downs — easy, since they’re all growing so fast. “Me and my husband have learned a lot from our mistakes,” Teresa shares, adding that, as heartbreaking as it is, bankruptcy does have a silver lining. “It’s brought us closer together.

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