Drew Lachey's Baby Name Insights

Well, given my somewhat significant infatuation with obscure celeb baby names, I had to post on this.  Especially since my hometown was the inspiration!   Plus, I have respect for names that are passed down within a family.  I love the tradition of it.

They decided to name their now 3-month old son Hudson Nicholas. Drew goes on to explain that:

“Hudson is just a strong name, a classic name, and when we hear it, it just reminds us of New York, which is our favorite city in the world.” And that “Nicholas is a family name on both sides. [Besides my own brother Nick,] my wife’s brother’s name is Nicholas; her father’s name is Nicholas; my great-grandfather was Nicholas; her grandfather was Nicola … so that was a pretty easy middle name to come up with!”

Drew also has a 4½-year-old daughter Isabella.

Photos by FAME

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