No Tattoos For Nicole Richie's Kids

Uh-oh, do I hear a hypocrite…but aren’t pretty much all parents?!

Her kids may be young – Harlow (2) and Sparrow (1) – but Nicole Richie is already laying down the law about her children getting tattoos.

“I know I sound like a hypocrite, but I would be so sad,” she said.

“Joel has [tattoo] sleeves and his twin brother Benji has tattoos on his neck and his face.

“I’m just hoping that my kids will be so embarrassed of them that they’re not going to have any. It happens!”

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Kimberley Walsh Is 'Not Quite Ready For Children Just Yet'

Girls Aloud member Kimberley Walsh is 28-years-old and not in a rush to start popping out babies.

Kimberley’s sister Sally is three months pregnant, and while Kimberley is excited for her sister, she’s not eager to start a family of her own…just yet. She said:

“My sister Sally is three months pregnant and I’m really excited. I can’t wait until the baby comes along.

“It will probably make me more broody, but I’ll just have to hold that feeling down as I’m not quite ready for children just yet.”

She may not be ready for her mommy duties, but she’s sure ready for her auntie duties because she’ll be able to play with her niece or nephew without having the sleepless nights. Writing in her column for Britain’s OK! magazine, she said:

“I’ll enjoy all the good bits without the late night feeds and early mornings.”

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Michael Jackson A 'Pied Piper' To Kids

Music producer Mark Ronson enjoyed sleeping over the King of Pop’s home when he was growing up, and was amazed at the way kids would be magically drawn to Michael Jackson. He said:

“All kids love Michael Jackson, he had some sort of effect. I would watch footage of him when I was older and you’d see these kids of 12 and 13 who weren’t even born the last time he put out a good album but they’d be screaming and fainting.

“It’s just so crazy that in some ways he was like this magical Pied Piper.”

Mark added to ShortList magazine:

“He was just like a big kid. He just seemed like a kid that never really got to grow up.”

Mark enjoyed the sleepovers with infamous John Lennon’s son, Sean Lennon.  He explained:

“If I bragged about it I knew that one of two things would happen: a) the kids would think that I was full of s**t or b) they would think I was obnoxious and I’d get a slap for it. All in all, it was better to say nothing.”

Do you find this a bit creepy, how Michael would seem to have a magical lure on kids?  Would you have let your child(ren) sleepover the infamous Neverland Ranch?

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Expectant Parents Miranda Kerr And Orlando Bloom Hit Paris

Mom-to-be Miranda Kerr and husband Orlando Bloom were spotted as they arrived to the Balenciaga Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2011 show during Paris Fashion Week today.  It seems like just yesterday we found out that Miranda was expecting and now she’s rocking a good-sized baby bump already!

I have a feeling we won’t see too much of their baby once he/she is born.  These two seem like they’ll go to great lengths to keep baby from the public eye.  Just a hunch.

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Limas Don't Say Mama First

Ahhh…it’s like yesterday. The slight, faint muttering of a barely coherent “dada.” Still sends chills down my spine. It was such an event, both times, to hear it.

Well, supermodel Adriana Lima told In Touch at the Victoria’s Secret Supermodels Launch of Bombshell in New York that her baby girl Valentina’s first word was not “dada” and not even “mama” but “Ivy.” Huh? What’s an Ivy and why is she saying that? Well, the little one is apperently enamored with the family Maltese.

“The dog was barking, so I said, ‘Ivy, no!’ And she said, ‘Ivy!’ It was really amazing, and so funny.”

Adriana and husband Marko Jaric, an NBA player, had their first child last November. Adriana is ready to model again, thankfully, having maintained her stunning curves.

“Motherhood was a great thing for my career. I feel sexier and more confident right now.”

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