Milla Jovovich Trading Hollywood For Motherhood

Model-turned-actress Milla Jovovich is preparing to quit Hollywood to have another baby and be a full-time mother.

The Fifth Element star, who is married to director Paul W.S. Anderson, has been modeling since she was 11 and acting since age 13.  The couple shares a two-year-old daughter, Ever – and Jovovich, now 34, is anxious to settle down and give her little girl a sibling before the tot starts school.  She tells America’s Gotham magazine,

“Once she (Ever) starts school, I want to stay in one place and be there to take her to school and just have a normal life. When your kid is in school, it’s hard to just pick her up and travel. So right now I am taking advantage of the time when she is mobile.

“It’s been tough because this year piled up on me starting last fall (09), and I thought, Wow, I might not be able to have a baby this year (10) .. Right now we are shooting for next year (11) because I don’t want there to be too much of an age difference between the two of them. So it’s got ta happen, and it’s gotta happen soon.”

Photos by FAME

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