Madonna Denies Possible Biological Father To See Her Adopted Daughter

Madonna’s four-year-old adopted daughter, Mercy, might have a father who wants to get in touch with her.

The singer refused to allow James Kambewa, who claimed he is the biological father of Mercy, after questioning his legitimacy.

Madonna’s spokeswoman Barbara Charone told the South African Sunday Times:

“The extended family members had no knowledge of a father. The village leadership had no knowledge of a father… the mother was raped and left.”

Kambewa is a 26-year-old waiter from Durban who is happy that Mercy is living with the infamous star according to newspaper reports – even though he opposed the adoption initially.

Photos by FAME


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  2. Dnice says

    All this can be solved with a quick call to Maury! lol. And um Madge – you have a black child, I’m going to need you to get some lotion on Mercy’s legs. Child is so ashy,it looks like she’s been playing in flour!

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