Michael Jackson's Children To Stop Homeschooling

TMZ reported today that Michael Jackson’s two oldest children, Paris (12) and Prince (13), will no longer be homeschooled.  They have both been enrolled at the exclusive Buckley School in San Fernando Valley.  Prince reportedly wanted to have the “social experience” of attending school.

Katherine Jackson will reportedly keep “Blanket” (Price Michael II) home to continue homeschooling him, feeling that he’s just too young to be on his own at school.

You have to wonder how Michael would feel about this turn of events because he was so fiercely protective of the kids’ privacy.  I can’t blame the kids for wanting to experience school, but I can’t imagine trying to live a normal life when you are the offspring of one of the most famous entertainers on the planet!

Photos by FAME

In the second photo above Paris is the on the left – the other child is one of her cousins.


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    It is best for the children to be at school and experience school and be with other children of their age. Their classmates may be overwhelmed by their presence at first but soon it will be normal. They just have to be careful with those bullies.

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