Madonna's Kids Have To Schedule An Appointment To See Their Mom

Madonna’s four kids – Lourdes, Rocco, David and Mercy – may be lucky to have pretty much anything they want, except for their mom’s attention.

The hard working ‘Material Girl’ apparently has her personal assistants schedule time for her to spend with her kids, according to a new report. And the time allotted to spend quality time together? Fifteen minutes.

“The children are said to have appointments made to see their mother, who will help with homework, or sing, or even make food with them – but only if it has been planned in advance,” Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper reports.

I guess its not important since the kids have three nannies and two macrobiotic chefs. That should help substitute some of the motherly duties.  Soon Madonna will be adding psychiatrist to the list of her employees.

Photos by FAME


  1. Jem says

    If that is true, that is just wrong on so many levels. You make an appointment for a dentist not your mother.

  2. says

    That is absurd. I mean, how can you have quality time for fifteen minutes and planned in advance? Madonna should have quality time with her kids daily and not depend on their nannies and chefs. It is different when you personally see your child’s needs.

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