Jessica Alba Wants More Kid-Friendly Roles

Jessica Alba shared with Fox411 that she hopes to take on some more family-friendly roles so that daughter Honor Marie can see her mom in action.

“I think there is a nice balance (between “family friendly” and more adult films) but it would be fun to do more films that my daughter can see,”

Jessica has just signed on to star in the upcoming family flick “Spy Kids 4” alongside Antonio Banderas.

Photos by FAME


  1. says

    Nothing beats seeing your mom in action. Her kids can comment on her movie and might say, Hey mom, your acting sucks bigtime. LOL. Seriously, I am glad she will be doing a movie her kids can see. That shows she is a family oriented girl now.

  2. Dnice says

    LOL ! I’m sorry I just had to laugh. It’s not like she’s some stellar actress. Newsflash Jessica – No one cares about your films, kid friendly or otherwise haha.

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