Kim, Kourtney & Khloe Talk Baby Talk

Reality star Kim Kardashian admits she wants a large family – four children to be exact – however, as she’s gotten older, her expectations have gotten lower.

“I do want kids,” she said. “I want four. I started at six a few years ago.”

Besides age playing a part in her desire to have four (not six), her sister Kourtney who has eight-month-old Mason, has been a bit of a reality check for the Quick Trim beauty.

“It kind of shows me what hard work it is and it kind of makes me want to step back a little bit and not have a baby right away,” she said.

But even with all the hard work, Kourtney isn’t against having a second child. She admitted:

“I’m not trying but I’m not not trying,” she said. “Me and Khloe are on the same plan. It’s a race”.

Khloe, who’s married to Lamar Odom, has stopped using contraception in hopes of starting a family.

“I’m not rushing it, but I’m also not doing anything to prevent it,” she said.

“We both want to have children together and I think we’re in an ideal situation. We’re just happy together.”

Any bets?

Photos by FAME

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