No Children For Katy Perry Any Time Soon

Singer Katy Perry and actor Russell Brand are tieing the knot soon (some time this year), and before rumors get out of hand, Katy is making it very clear that she isn’t planning to have children right away. She still wants to solely focus on her career for now.

“[W]hen I decide it’s time for children, I’ll be able to devote myself to that,” Katy revealed about looking toward her future with fiancee Russell Brand.

Photos by FAME


  1. samsmom says

    “kids r just annoying things”? What?! Why are you even on a baby site if you feel that way?

    Anyway, I hope Katy and Russell keep it that way, they are both so self-absorbed.

  2. luvergurl says

    oh i luv her and her music she’s pretty….think she’s right, kids r just annoying things…..anyway can’t wait for her album….

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