Tori Spelling's Kids Are Like 'Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde'

Tori Spelling isn’t hiding the fact that her two children – Liam (3) and Stella (2) – aren’t angels.

Tori and hubby Dean McDermott are struggling with their kids’ personalities of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”  She said:

“It is challenging, as amazing as it is, they’re all over the place. Completely Jekyll and Hyde.

“At this age, they’re two and three right now, it’s unbelievable the things that come out of their mouths. They make me laugh all day long. They have two speeds: on and on. It makes you realize your patience level.”

So who’s the better parent to cope with the children’s misbehavior?  Dean thinks wife Tori is.

“Everybody says terrible twos, but it’s terrible threes. And Liam is full on in it, Stella is going through it earlier because she emulates everything he does.

“But Tori’s got really good patience, I have none.”

And daddy Dean sees his kids in the entertainment business.  He added:

“I do see them in the business. Stella is going to be the little supermodel, so we’ll have a comedian and a runway model.”


  1. Mari says

    Believe what you want to believe but what I said is true. My son was no different and never did he ever throw a tantrum. Express and emit what emotions? My granddaughter is a normal well behaved child and pretty much a rough and tumble type and very loving. Maybe by 5 things may change but I certainly am not ridiculing other people’s children. What a dumb statement to make. Does it bother you both that if a child does not throw tantrums or whines that something is wrong! Every child is different.

  2. JustMe says

    Mari, it’s great that your granddaughter is so well behaved for her age as you made it seem, but I do not agree. Children should be allowed to express themselves and emit emotions so that they can learn to express how they are feeling and you can help them learn how to cope. It seems as though you are ridiculing people who have children that who throw tantrums…telling them how they should parent. My daughter is very polite, loving, caring and warm-hearted but she is allowed to express her emotions, and does so with a bang sometimes.
    My best friend’s daughter also never hit the terrible 2’s or 3’s…but at the age of almost 5 her tantrums came out with a vengeance.

  3. samsmom says

    Mari, really? An almost 3 year old that never whines or throws temper tantrums? Never? I find that very hard to believe. I agree that children need to be taught to behave, but it is a learning process that doesn’t happen overnight. I have a feeling that your granddaughter’s “terrible threes” are just around the corner.

  4. Mari says

    I happen to like Dean although he should look for more made for TV movie jobs. I read that he may have his own TV show and I hope he does and give Tori a bit of a break. Also, just once I would like to see him with his shirt tucked in his pants and clean shaven.

  5. Mari says

    I have an almost 3 year old granddaughter that never whines or has a temper tantrum. She is very polite, eats with her mouth closed and says please and thank you. When she is upset she will sit down, fold her arms and rest her head on them. Then we ask her nicely what is the problem and she will tell us. She is active, funny, daring and so full of spirit. Point is, talk to your kids and teach them and don’t tolerate rudeness or tantrums as the first four years is basically when you mold these little darlings.

  6. shar says

    I love this family ( well not Dean- seems like a perv). Tori is so real and down to earth, and Liam is just too cute!

  7. mommy 2 mixed boy n girl says

    lol!! Love the honesty! And it is sooo true!! terrible 3s, terrible 2s! Ahh! My patience is tested all the same! I can definitely relate to Dean!

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