Alana de la Garza Says Her Pregnancy 'Is A Miracle!' has the exclusive with Mexican actress, Alana de la Garza, about her pregnancy and how it has changed her life.

‘The Law & Order’ actress who is due October 11th, admitted that clothing is a challenge while being pregnant, she said:

As an actress, you’re constantly striving to eat right, work out and take care of yourself to make sure that you fit into your wardrobe. With pregnancy, you have no control—your belly is just going to get bigger. So clothing is a challenge. It’s really funny because I had little pregnancy pants at the beginning of the pregnancy and then suddenly I went to pull them up and they were stabbing me in the stomach. [Laughs].

Her clothes may not fit her, but that’s not stopping the mom-to-be from being ecstatic with her pregnancy.  Not having preference of sex – however, it is a boy- Garza says that pregnancy “is a miracle!” And as far as picking the name, well she’s leaving it up to God.

We have forever loved the name Axel, and it has suddenly become popular. So we’re like, ‘oh shoot, maybe we should change it?’ I keep waiting for a sign from God that says, ‘OK, this is your son’s name.’ [Laughs].

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