Darryl McDaniels' Summer Camp For Foster Kids

Run DMC star Darryl McDaniels has spent his summer counseling foster kids at a special summer camp in his native New York.

The rapper co-founded Camp Felix after discovering he had been adopted at the age of five when he was in his mid-30s.
The annual three-week get away brings together 350 eight-to-14 year olds each summer at Peekskill in upstate New York. McDaniels’ aim: to help kids in the child welfare system share their experiences and overcome identity issues.
The “It’s Tricky” hitmaker, who chronicled his first meeting with his bio logical mother in the 2004 documentary DMC: My Adoption Journey, tells the New York Daily News,

“These kids say, ‘I am just a foster kid. I have n othing going for me other than just being miserable.’ I tell them, ‘You a re wrong. Your situation doesn’t define who you are.'”

“We are a family” McDaniels has already used his famous name to attract star-studded support for Camp Felix – Mark Wahlberg recently donated $100,000 to the cause.

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