Halle Berry Has A Parental Scare

Beautiful actress Halle Berry experienced a situation with her 2-year-old daughter Nahla that every parent fears…losing their child.

Berry told Vogue in an interview that she recently got separated from her daughter while shopping.

“I took her shopping, and I had that moment that every parent has,” she explained.

“You look away for a second and they’re gone, and your body just gets all hot. And so I had a little breakdown… I look around and, sure enough, 30 seconds later, she pokes her head out, ‘Hi, Mommy’.”

To ensure that her daughter would know what to call her mom besides mommy in the case that she was lost,  Berry said,

“It made me think, ‘What if she really did get lost? Would she be able to say who she is?'” she said.

“So that night, I said, ‘What’s your mommy’s name?’ And she looked at me like, ‘You idiot. Why are you asking me what your name is?’ I asked her again… she thought about it for a second, and finally she said, ‘Halle Blueberries!'”

How adorable!

Photos by FAME


  1. jamie67 says

    How shocking
    every parent hat one of those moments and sometimes it gets worse and the kids really vanish!
    Just ask my mom!!

  2. parker says

    the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago i felt so sick even though he was only gone for a second, i know how she feels

  3. ronnie says

    umm, she said she looked at her like ‘why are you asking me that you idiot’
    those were halle’s words NOT nahlas!
    read the article.

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