Cash Warren And Honor Marie Grab Some Breakfast

Cash Warren and his daughter, Honor Marie, spent some quality father/daughter time together this weekend.  The duo were spotted leaving a cafe yesterday after grabbing breakfast.  Jessica Alba had to fly to Miami to do some promotional work for her upcoming movie “Machete”.

Honor is one of the most stylish little celebrity babies!  Well, I guess she’s more of a toddler now than a “baby”.  😉

Photos by FAME


  1. Anony says

    Calling a baby ugly is mean and cruel just like calling an adult ugly is also mean and cruel. It’s worse to call a baby ugly bc it hurts her family’s feelings. Can u imagine someone calling your baby ugly!? What a superficial and sick culture we live in.
    I think Honor– like all babies and beings– is beautiful.

  2. parker says

    im aware people have there own opinions thank you, however i dont think its fair to public judge a child on the way she looks, there’s more to life than the way people look

  3. Dnice says

    @ Parker – It’s an opinion. Some kids are cute, some are not, just like some adults are attractive and others are not. Being a baby doesn’t make you exempt from being unattractive.

  4. Dnice says

    I won’t go so far as to say she’s ugly. Honor has never been that cute to me. Thought it would change as she got older.

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