Nina Garcia Is Having A Boy!

How wonderful!! Nina Garcia just announced that she is expected a boy. Her son Lucas is thrilled and can’t wait to meet his brother.

“I’m having another boy!” Garcia, 45, told PEOPLE at Wednesday’s Target Kaleidoscopic Spectacular fashion show in New York. “We’re very excited to give our son a brother.”

As for Lucas’s reaction, “He’s excited and he gets it,” says Garcia. “We told him, and he’s very happy to be a big brother. He’s waiting for the baby to come more than we are.”

The Project Runway judge is currently 6 months pregnant and says the second time around is harder than the first.

It’s not been easy. Everything is harder because I have a little one at home that needs a lot of my attention and having a summer pregnancy is a lot harder than a fall pregnancy. The hot New York heat has not been helpful.”

So what is she craving? WATERMELON!

“I’ve been eating a lot of watermelon,” Garcia says about fulfilling her cravings. “Lots of fruits and vegetables but mainly watermelon. It tastes better than ever so I’ve been indulging in that.”

What were some of your cravings?

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